My name is Freya and this is my blog.

I have two mice, three chickens and a little brother (because he counts as an animal).

I am ten and nine months years old and I enjoy writing so I decided to set up a blog. I have not got fully used to this blogging site yet so it may take me a little while to understand it. I also like reading, drawing, trampolining, playing football and playing Fortnite.

I prefer boys stuff to girls stuff if that’s fine by you. I genuinely can’t make my mind up on whether this is going to be a good idea as I grow up because it means I will probably have more boys as friends than girls as friends. It means that things for me are going to be different than all my friends. So, if you are like me, then you probably will relate to things that are going to happen in my life which I will write in my blog.


  • A Very Busy Week

    6th Jul 2019 by

    My week has been VERY busy. Firstly, I am very happy to announce I got my first proper win on Fortnite, today!!! It was a squad game with my friend (professional but no battle pass 😦 ) who’s hurt his leg, and fell over on it yesterday evening so had to go back to hospital… Read more

  • Riddle Answers

    18th Jun 2019 by

    Yep. The riddles were probably ones you’ve heard before. The last one I made up but there are ones similar so you probably got it. 1.Starting 2. It was one knight, a king and a queen 3. 28. His friend asked but the shepherd didn’t say yes. His sheep were ill but they weren’t dead.… Read more

  • Riddles and Jokes

    17th Jun 2019 by

    I hope you enjoy my riddles because I am not very good at them. Riddle: What 8 letter word can have one letter taken away and still be a word. Take another letter away and it will still be a word. Carry on going until there’s only one letter left and it will still be… Read more

  • Sentences without Grammar!

    16th Jun 2019 by

    It’s always fun to think up what sentences would sound like without punctuation. Here are some I have heard of and some I have made up. What it sounds like: Lets eat grandma! What it’s meant to be: Let’s eat, Grandma! What it sounds like: The man eating shark. What it’s meant to be: The… Read more

  • Father’s Day!

    16th Jun 2019 by

    Today is Father’s Day and if you’re like me you’ve probably forgotten. If you have, here are some top Father’s Day ideas you can take a look at. a drawing. Dads love drawings especially if it’s by their child and if it includes something that they like (with my dad it’s usually James Bond themes).… Read more

  • First Post!!!

    9th Jun 2019 by

    This is my first post on this site so I hope you like it. First I need to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Freya and I am almost 11-years-old. I live with my mum, dad and little brother. We have 3 chickens called Elvis, Oreo and Hilda. I also have two… Read more

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  1. Lovely to read your first post, Freya – I also loved The Goldfish Boy, and Lisa Thompson’s other books are…

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